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Background Investigations

We offer a $375.00 comprehensive Nationwide background investigation.  More on Background Investigations


Not knowing if your spouse is having an affair is a painful and devastating thing. Private investigators help with these unfortunate situations every day. A P.I. can discreetly find out facts and information and uncover the truth so you know whether or not your spouse is guilty of infidelity. There is no evidence like photograph and video evidence from surveillance footage on your partner.  Weather you live in a fault of no fault state, have a pre-nuptial agreement or not, being aware of the facts is always a good idea. More on Infidelity

Business Background Check

A business, like a person, has a past and a culture and interacts with many people every day. However what you see may not truly mirror what the business is all about. Private investigators can research and investigate and deliver evidence that you’re doing business with a reputable or not reputable entity.

Employment Background Check

Companies who are serious about protecting themselves take background investigations seriously. Sometimes checking criminal records alone is fine. More in-depth investigations verify employment candidates in detail, and determine if the individual is competent and qualified, before you commit.  Only a licensed private investigator has access to the type of information that you need to secure yourself.

Dating Background Checks

Whether you met your Mr. or Ms. Perfect online or offline, these days it pays to be cautious. How do you know the individual you met over the internet, or at a bar, is truly who he or she claims to be? You don’t. Clients rely on private investigation companies to conduct a comprehensive dating background check that verifies education, employment, address, criminal and court records, ID or passport, date of birth and more. Investigators also screen the case for fraud and identify risks.

Romance Scam Risk

Online dating is a booming industry, but with it has come exponential cases of fraud and scams. Posting profiles and photos is simply and fast, and anyone can do it – even criminals hoping to scam you. Victims of romance scams lose more than money. Victims are often devastated financially and emotionally. Comprehensive background checks by real private investigators are the best prevention to avoid dating scams. The truth is, anyone can be a victim and no dating site is 100% immune from romance scams. Private investigators verify the truth behind the profile.

Stalker/predator investigations

Each year around 1.5 million people are stalked in the U.S. It’s a problem in this country. For people who believe they are a victim, it’s time to take action before the situation spirals out of control. These crimes are often ignored and become a losing battle – but private investigators can help stop the threat and get stalkers prosecuted. In these cases, it’s important to also work with law enforcement.

Pre Marital Checks

Marriage is a big deal, especially if it involves a foreign bride or groom. Don’t start the visa process without knowing the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! An expert private investigator can verify everything you know or think you know about an individual, before the wedding.

Divorce and family law investigations

If you suspect your spouse is cheating or hiding important information or assets from you, may want to hire a private investigator. There are ways to tell if your spouse is hiding assets and a reputable private investigator can access records such as bank accounts you don’t know about or follow a spouse who has become distant to see if he or she is cheating. Before you hire someone, remember that a private investigator can help your attorney uncover evidence, if and when needed.

Child custody case

You’re probably looking for tips on how to win custody of your child. To win a child custody case, you must uncover facts that are compelling – and admissible — in court. Private investigators can serve as a witness in a case and prove facts that are tough to prove on your own. Even a potentially difficult case can turn into a simple one at trial with the right facts and evidence.

Fraud/embezzlement investigations

You may wonder, should your company use background check investigations? The answer is yes — it can help prevent future problems. All too often, businesses find themselves in a situation where assets are missing, books weren’t kept accurately or bribes have been taken. P.I.s can determine if assets were fictitious, improper payments were made or whether there were other misrepresentations. Private investigators can also track down the guilty party through background checks, and asset searches uncover the money trail.

Investment scam risk

Investment scams these days, unfortunately, are a dime a dozen. Fraudulent websites, false companies and endless possibilities now target individuals and companies. High risk fraud zones are in countries like China and the United Arab Emirates, etc, but the threat is now global thanks to the internet. It’s more important than ever to properly verify with international due diligence.

Insurance fraud claims

Insurance fraud happens when an act is committed with the intent to obtain a benefit in which a person is not otherwise entitled. False insurance claims are filed with the intent to defraud an insurance provider and they cost billions of dollars each year. Insurance fraud claims range from stretching the truth to committing intentional damages or injury. Private investigators can help identify the truth. We photograph those suffering from leg injuries playing basketball, and so on. In some cases, investigators may even photograph a living person, who is supposed to be deceased!

Personal injury investigation

A private investigator knows the ways to assist you with your personal injury lawsuit. He or she can find key witnesses and other information essential to win the case. A skilled professional can find photographs of the crash when the crash report is incomplete. Make sure to obtain the police transcription of the 911 calls too – sometimes he or she is the only witness.

Criminal investigations

Due to law enforcement agencies with limited resources, and higher rates of global crime, especially pertaining to the internet, it is common when police and law enforcement fail to investigate your case. In international cases, law enforcement and governments face jurisdictional problems, and receive hundreds or thousands of similar complaints. So, to get the help you need when no help is to be found, a reputable international investigation company is a great choice to work with your attorney.

International due diligence

If you’re thinking about investing overseas, you will face an increased risk for fraud. Professional investigators verify the company or individual with real due diligence, to verify the operations, registration, legal status, criminal and court records, reputation, profitability, and more.

International asset search

Divorces and legal cases are so common today, they are almost hard to avoid. But, there are other reasons when an asset might be important as well, such as part of a merger or international due diligence to verify a buyer or potential partner. Lawyers and individuals and companies use private investigators to find assets overseas, both bank accounts and physical property.

Digital Forensics

Extracting and investigating digital information stored in devices such as cell phones, computers, laptops and tablets. Investigations can produce deleted data, such as text messages, instant messages, emails, images, video, browser history, GPS coordinates, Word documents, PDFs and more. More on Digital Forensics


A GPS tracking unit is a device that uses the Global Positioning System to determine the location of a vehicle, person, or other asset which it is attached and to record the position at regular intervals. The recorded location data can be stored within the tracking unit, or it may be transmitted to a central location data base, or internet-connected computer, using a cellular (GPRS), radio, or satellite modem embedded in the unit. This allows the location to be displayed against a map backdrop either in real-time or when analyzing the track later, using customized software.